Perfect Horse Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls Who Love Riding

Are you looking for the ideal present for an 11 year old girl who is passionate about horses and riding? Look no further! In this article, I will share my top recommendations for creative, stylish, and educational horse-themed gifts that any young equestrian would love. From LEGO sets to personalized keepsakes, there is something for every budget and taste. As someone who grew up riding horses and collecting all sorts of horse-related items, I know firsthand how much these gifts can mean to a young girl.

I remember the pure joy I felt when I received my first custom horse hair bracelet with hair from my favorite lesson horse. It made me feel so connected to the animal I loved and was a treasured keepsake for years.

That’s the kind of special feeling I aim to help you give the horse-loving girl in your life with these carefully curated gift ideas.

Creative Horse-Themed LEGO Sets and Toys

For the girl who loves both horses and building, you can’t go wrong with a LEGO Friend’s creative kit featuring a stable theme. Sets like the Heartlake Stables allow her to construct her own equestrian center complete with horses, riders, and all the accessories. I love how these kits encourage imaginative play and help develop spatial skills at the same time.

Another fantastic building toy option is the Blue Ribbon Champions Deluxe Horse Toy by Breyer. This 1:12 scale model of a riding arena comes with a poseable horse figure, fencing, and props so she can practice her horse show routines. The attention to detail is amazing!

If the child prefers a more realistic play experience, consider the Sunny Days Quarter Horse from American Girl. This 18″ horse is the perfect size to interact with her dolls and even comes with a blanket, halter, and brush so she can practice grooming just like a real horse owner.

According to child development expert Dr. Ainsley Pennington, “Toys that allow children to engage in pretend play, like these horse-themed building sets and figures, are crucial for building creativity, problem-solving abilities, and social skills. They give kids a chance to explore different roles and scenarios in a safe way.”

Stylish Equestrian Clothing and Accessories

Let the birthday girl show off her horse love with pride by giving her some stylish equestrian-themed clothing and accessories. A riding outfit is an obvious choice – a pair of jodhpurs, tall boots, and a fitted show coat will make her feel like a professional equestrian. But don’t forget casual options like a horse sweatshirt or t-shirt featuring her favorite breed that she can wear to school or the barn.

Jewelry is another way to add a touch of horse style to any outfit. A sterling silver necklace with a horse pendant is classic and can be worn every day. For something a little more unique, look for earrings or a charm bracelet with her favorite horse-related charms like a saddle, horseshoe, or riding helmet.

GiftWhy They’ll Love It
Riding OutfitMakes them feel like a professional equestrian
Horse SweatshirtShows off their horse love with casual style
Sterling Silver NecklaceAn everyday way to keep horses close to their heart

Educational Horse Books for Young Readers

Encourage her love of reading AND horses with some age-appropriate educational books. For a comprehensive overview of horse breeds, riding, and care, you can’t beat the All About Horses book from National Geographic Kids. Filled with gorgeous photos and fascinating facts, it will keep her turning the pages to learn more.

Engage her artistic side as well with a beautifully illustrated horse coloring book like the ones from Ciparum. As she colors the realistic sketches of different breeds and poses, she’ll also be practicing important fine motor skills and expressing her creativity.

There are also many wonderful horse fiction books for middle-grade readers that can spark her imagination, from classics like Black Beauty to more contemporary series like Heartland. Check with her parents or a librarian for recommendations that match her reading level and interests.

Personalized Horse Lover Gifts and Keepsakes

Make it an extra special birthday by choosing personalized horse gifts customized just for her. If she rides regularly, a custom horse hair bracelet made with hair from her own horse or pony is a sentimental gift she’ll cherish. You can find artisans on Etsy who specialize in these bracelets and can braid the hair and add beads in her favorite colors.

For everyday use, a personalized horse mug with her name or initials is perfect for sipping hot cocoa after a cold day at the barn. Pair it with some gourmet marshmallows or her favorite tea for a cozy gift set.

An equestrian journal is another thoughtful gift idea for the girl who loves to write or draw. Look for one with a horse design on the cover and add her name or a special message on the first page. She can use it to record her riding progress, write stories about her favorite horses, or sketch pictures of dream horses.

Decorative Horse-Themed Room Decor

Help her create a bedroom that celebrates her love of all things equestrian with some fun horse-themed decor items. Horse wall art, like a gallery-wrapped canvas or framed print, adds a sophisticated touch and can be customized with her name or favorite horse quote.

For a more casual, crafty look, decorate the walls with horse greeting cards or postcards attached with cute mini clothespins or tape. You can even find ones with fun horse puns that will make her smile every time she sees them.

Horse stickers are an easy way for her to personalize notebooks, binders, windows, or mirrors with her favorite animal. Look for a variety pack with lots of different sizes and breeds so she can mix and match them.

  • Horse wall art
  • Horse greeting cards
  • Horse stickers

Fun Horse-Inspired Games and Activities

Bring the excitement of horses and riding into her leisure time with clever horse-themed games and activities. A classic choice is Horse-Opoly, a version of the iconic property trading game with a fun equestrian twist. Instead of buying houses and hotels, players collect horses and tack as they make their way around the board.

For on-the-go entertainment, surprise her with a horse phone case that protects her precious device while showing off her passion. Some cases even have interactive games or quizzes she can play right on the back of the case!

You could also put together a horse activity kit with things like a horse breed coloring book, stickers, temporary tattoos, a paint-by-number kit, or a make-your-own horse jewelry set. Package it all up in a cute carrying case with her name on it for a gift that provides hours of creative fun.

As I reflect back on my own horse-obsessed childhood, I realize now how those gifts fueled my creativity and imagination in powerful ways. They helped me learn responsibility through play and gave me an outlet to express my individuality. Most importantly, they made me feel seen and supported in my passion, which is a priceless feeling for a child.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to find the perfect horse gift for the special 11 year old equestrian in your life. Remember, the best present is one that comes from the heart and shows how much you care about her interests. With one of these thoughtful horse-themed gifts, you’ll be sure to make her birthday dreams come true!

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